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Exam dan Quiz Made Easy with School Webs Online Test

Post By Admin Tuesday, 30 September 2018

One of the main features of Citraweb School is Online Test and Online Tasks. The teacher can easily give study material, homework, and choose questions from the Problem Bank when the online exam is scheduled.
The tasks uploaded by the teacher can be adjusted based on subjects and classes. The task can be in the format of MS Office files, PDF, Zip & Rar with a maximum limit of 5 Mb per uploaded file.
Students can easily access assignments, homework, and materials given by the teacher anytime, anywhere through the Citraweb School’s premium school web.
The teacher only needs to log in, then input the questions into the Problem Bank. After that, the teacher is required to create categories and descriptions for the questions uploaded to the question bank. Then, the teacher can schedule when will the Online Test takes place.
For students, just like the teacher, they must log in first. The Test Online listing will appear on the Test Online tab. Students simply click the start test icon, the Online Test will begin, the time calculation will also appear on the screen.
Because Test Online picks up questions from the Problem Bank, the answer key is available. When entering the material into the Problem Bank, the Teacher enters the answer key as well.
The test is in real time, so the scores are counted at the same time. So, when students finish working on the Online Test, the result is available immidiately.

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