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Citraweb School's Problem Bank Feature: A Solution For School's Study Material Archiving

Post By Admin Tuesday, 23 September 2018

Easy and practical. Digitizing documents is a logical step for today's digital era. Especially for the world of education, which has a myriad of records to maintain.

Web schools with integrated information systems are the exact solution you need. As added value, we can participate in maintaining natural resources, because there is no need to use paper anymore. Or much less at least.

Of the various interesting features of Citraweb School, one of them is the 'Problem Bank' feature. This feature is specifically for teachers to collect and accommodate existing and new questions.

Harboring up to 5 Gigabytes capacity, teachers can upload and save the questions/problems in the 'Problem Bank' feature. From the questions that have been collected later can be selected by the teacher for online test for students.

No need to keep a stack of paper and physical books that take up space and can be lost or damaged, just browse the uploaded questions.

The input process is easy. Before teachers actually input the problems, teachers must catagorized the materials, and then put on description on each folders. 

After the category and description of the Problem Bank has been made, teacher can input questions consisting of; Problem Details, Answer Options, Illustration of Problem Questions & Answer Questions (if needed) and Problem Answer Keys. The answer key to the question is needed as a parameter for calculating online test scores.

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