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Digitizing School System Through Citraweb School Web for Schools

Post By Admin Thursday, 04 September 2018— The demand for digitalization for the world of education is no longer something new. Modern humans have been spoiled by technology’s rapid advances. Along with the increasingly dynamic society of today, academic activities, especially teaching and learning activities, will be greatly facilitated by the presence of web schools that are integrated with the school information system.

Citraweb School comes with powerful features and information systems to accommodate these needs. Web schools with abundant superior features are able to provide convenience not only for the academic community, but also for parents or guardians of students.

The Citraweb School alert school web has been equipped with web applications such as Problem Banks, Online Tasks, Online Tests, Log Books, New Student Online Admissions, Student Card, Result Charts, SPP Recap, and many more. Not only that, Citraweb School is also equipped with SMS Blasting with Sender ID.

Only one send needed to spread the school’s announcement simultaneously to all phone numbers that school has collected. What’s amazing is, this SMS Blasting is also given for free along with a Sender ID, so the number that appears on the receiving side is the name of the school, not just some random unsaved number. So, it is no longer considered a hoax or not a trusted source by the receiver.

"Citraweb School was developed specifically to support school teaching and learning activities and also to make it easier for parents to keep up withe their children's education," said Arum Pandan Sari, Marketing Manager for Citraweb School.

Citraweb School has several beautiful theme choices that can be chosen. Likewise with the mobile app that has been integrated with the school web. The theme chosen for the mobile app theme can be chosen differently from the web display. All of those features and convinience only IDR 450,000 /month.

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