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Jun, 4 2014
Linda Kaun Copywriting (http://www.lindakauncopywriting.com)

Linda Kaun Copywriting, a textille industry sales catalyst & marketing consultant is relying its website development to Citraweb NusaInfo Media Yogyakarta.  It concerns on copywriting as a
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Company Profile Presentation / KIOSK
It is a solution for a company/istitution as a media to introduce them shelves to the society by a media CD (Compact Disc) .Company Profile Presentation is made with certain technology choice such as: macromedia flash, html, and powerpoint. The usage of this technology can be improved to be an offline information system or KIOSK. By KIOSK, information can be shown comprehensively and interestingly with Touch screen.
Catalog Product Presentation / KIOSK
It is similar with Company Profile Presentation, however Catalog Product Presentation concerns more to the products to be sold. Positioning, serving and choosing products are the mot important thing to be considered. Techology applied on Catalog Product Presentation is: macromedia flash, html and powerpoint. Catalog Product Presentation can also be improved by KIOSK information systen with Touch screen.

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