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Jun, 4 2014
Linda Kaun Copywriting (http://www.lindakauncopywriting.com)

Linda Kaun Copywriting, a textille industry sales catalyst & marketing consultant is relying its website development to Citraweb NusaInfo Media Yogyakarta.  It concerns on copywriting as a
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Several designs applied on website are merely different with some graphic design applied on the other media. It appears on the effectiveness of loading time to open the website. A good-looking website is not a guarantee to be visited frequently by visitor. Loading time for a website is one of the most important things to be considered. Many people are able to create a gorgeous website design, however only some people who is able to create it ergonomically and effectively concerning the loading time of the website.
Through many experiences we had in creating website, we are about to create web design that fits with those standards above. From information, data and image of your company; we will design an attractive website ergonomically.
Tips and Trick the making of website
Developing a website on internet is developing self imaging of your own company. On this point, web design takes a urgent part. Make sure that you have understood well the image of your company that you are going to present on the internet. Prepare all the data, pictures, logos and other corporate identities and we will bring you to the to actualize your dream to have an excellent website.
Why is web design more limited than graphic design?
Platform Issue 
Macintosh computer shows smaller font size than ordinary personal computer.
Browser Issue
The difference of the display due to the different browser used such as Netscape with Internet Explorer.
User Issue
Users can change the monitor resolution without our notice; therefore it will change the design display. Users can disable the Java support and JavaScript applied when loading the design on monitor.
Accessibility Issue
Older users may need larger fonts while reading text on website. Enlarging the font size may wreck the lay-out scheme you have created.

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