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Jun, 4 2014
Linda Kaun Copywriting (http://www.lindakauncopywriting.com)

Linda Kaun Copywriting, a textille industry sales catalyst & marketing consultant is relying its website development to Citraweb NusaInfo Media Yogyakarta.  It concerns on copywriting as a
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During seven years, Citraweb Nusa InfoMedia succeeded achieving several awards, not only regionally nor nationally, but also internationally.
These things do not only mean as the achievement for the works only but also as the accreditation of the company it self and also as the motivator for the better works in the future.
These are several awards we have achieved:
  1. Citraweb Web Development stands for the nine websites as the finalist for each category on the Best Website Competition established by Majalah KomputerAktif.

    1. Category of News, Media and Information:
      GudegNet (http://www.gudeg.net)

    2. Category of Economy and Business:
      Pradita Advertising (http://www.pradita-adv.com)
      Jogja Expo Center (http://www.jogjaexpocenter.com)
      Spice Island Trading (http://www.spiceislands-trading.com)

    3. Category of Public Figure:
      NUKLA (http://www.nukla.com)

    4. Category of Hoby:
      FotograferNet (http://www.fotografer.net)
      Jogja Adventure (http://www.jogjaadventure.com)

    5. Category of Sport and Health:
      Balai POM Jogja (http://www.bbpomjg.com)

    6. Category of Social and Social:
      Rifka Annisa (http://www.rifka-annisa.or.id)

  2. Awards achieved by GudegNet:

    1. Pandawa.com
      On February 24th, 2000, GudegNet was choosen as cozy and best view in providing information about Jogja.

    2. Kelvin Cho (The Best of Asia and the Pacific)
      On June 1st, 2000, GudegNet was elected the best site on Asia with category of education, business, telecommunication, News and exchange.

    3. Master Web Indonesia
      On June 8th, 2000, GudegNet was pointed the best site known as "Situs Web Indonesia Terbaik untuk Kategori Pendidikan".

    4. Toekangweb
      On June 22nd, 2000, GudegNet was catagorized into "Cari Perbandingan" in City Portal.

    5. Bengkel Web
      July 2nd, 2000, GudegNet was announced as Cool Sites (category community site).

    6. Catcha.com
      On August 7-13, 2000, GudegNet was choosen as "Pilihan Editor Minggu Ini" (category most favorite local site).

    7. 5 Stars Sites & WEBSTERS
      On August 13th, 2000, team developers of GudegNet achieved compliment on ability to develop a site.

    8. I-Guide Detik.com
      On August 23rd, 2000, GudegNet was reviewed as a site with ethnic style show off and made News on Detik.com.

    9. MURI
      On May 2002, GudegNet with Harian Bernas and Pemkot Jogja achieved compliment in participation on exhibition of Bursa Insidensial Mobil Bekas with the most participants.

    10. KomputerAktif
      On December 20th, 2002, GudegNet was announced as "Situs Terbaik Kategori Informasi versi Majalah KomputerAktif" in KomputerAktif Award 2002.

    11. SitusTerbaik.com
      On December 10th, 2004, GudegNet was choosen as finalist (best site nominator) in category News on best site award version SitusTerbaik.com which was established by Majalah KomputerAktif.

  3. An award achieved by FotograferNet (http://www.fotografer.net) was choosen as the best website established by Majalah KomputerAktif in 2004 on Category of Hoby.

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